The Application Prospect Of YO Ring

- Dec 06, 2017-

At present, most printing enterprises attach great importance to the investment of prepress equipment, but leave behind the field of printing, making the quality of post press processing difficult to improve. In fact, the post press is very important to the printing enterprise, and can even become a powerful profit link. Using advanced post printing and binding equipment, while saving human resources, the quality of printed products has also been greatly improved.

Wuhan Maoyang Co., Ltd. has a good quality and low price in the YO ring. The color specifications can be customized according to the customer's demand. The products are made of high quality nylon cladding line, good gloss, and can not change color for a long time. When pressing ring, it has good roundness, forming standard, and it is not easy to break the deformation. By changing the previous way, it can bring a lot of cost and efficiency to the later process, so as to achieve better coordinated production.

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