Stainless Steel Fasteners Of The Four Major Performance Points

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. Mechanical properties of stainless steel fasteners. In the mechanical properties, we can know that many of them are closely related to stainless steel wire. For example, no rust, high corrosion resistance, these are followed by the nature of stainless steel has a great relationship, with the continuous development of standard parts, these mechanical properties are also becoming more and more strong.

2. High temperature resistance of stainless steel fasteners.  Because of the hardness of stainless steel itself is relatively strong, fastener production after it has a strong ability of anti oxidation, and under high temperature is not working properly, not to burn too much interference temperature, if can also be passivated after manufacture, so the effect will be more better.

3, stainless steel fasteners stress capacity, for stainless steel fasteners, the load can be compared, although not able to compare with high-strength bolts, but also meet the needs of normal people.

4. The physical properties of stainless steel fasteners have relatively high electrical negative rate. Compared with the carbon steel wire rod, we can see that the electrical resistivity of the stainless steel fasteners is five times higher than that of the carbon steel. There is an expansion coefficient in the standard parts. After the test, we know that if the temperature is higher, the expansion coefficient of stainless steel fasteners will be improved.