Selection Of Metal Wire Mesh Precautions

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. in order to reach the net print policy, the selection of wire mesh is not a single factor choice, must be summed up to think about the decision. In the world situation, we should consider the following four aspects.

Picture resolution: wire diameter, number of high resolution. Wire diameter, number of low resolution is low. But it is not a number of possible, too high for screen printing ink caused by the lack of damage or damage caused by Western blot. Also, the uniform mesh size, to pay attention to the influence of wire diameter, two kinds of specifications of the screen can reproduce the fine line width or dot diameter: L>2d+w, D wire diameter, W hole width, when d>W, the screen hole area is small and the effect of the ink composition. Silk or dot a zigzag or imprinting damaged, damaged, showing the mesh size is too high, which will print the results with the same screen phenomenon.

In general, metal mesh hole is larger than the screen mesh than the wire diameter less than wire diameter screen can be copied out of high resolution. Therefore, the network should pay attention to the following points;

A. / mesh wire diameter value bigger is better

The smaller the touch area of the B. printing surface and the substrate, the better

In order to reach the resolution request, the wire diameter and opening width of C. screen must be contacted

In order to reach the print request, D. should consider the relation between the wire diameter and the limit tension

2, ink thickness and ink thickness rate of secret desire, hidden good rate should be thick net, large pore network (HD)

3, to choose the material according to the screen surface condition of substrate surface: surface or level to use with good elasticity nylon net, receiving surface strong should choose a large quantity of ink screen; lubricating surface should use high tension wire mesh; low screen with coarse surface; insulating surface to be used in addition to electrostatic screen etc..

4, ink function request: according to the function of ink to choose suitable ink screen.