Production Process Of Nylon Coated Wire

- Feb 09, 2018-

The reheating furnace for the billet is heated to 1100 degrees Celsius, billet after heating was released, the high pressure water descaling, into the roughing mill rolling, rolling mill for hot rolling mill, rolling roughing after entering water cooling, to control its internal microstructure, from the boiling water into the cooling section in the rolling mill and finishing mill for further rolling.

Then, after finishing rolling, the rolled piece is spun out by the spinning machine, forming a coil like coil, and the coil like wire is cooled forward in the air cooling section. At the end of the air cooling section, the wire is rolled into a drum shape by the coil collector, and the wire after rolling into a drum is sent to the baler and bundled into the finished product library.

It can be seen that the production of nylon coated wire requires a long process and step. If we want to produce qualified wire rod, we must strictly control every step and procedure.

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