How To Identify And Identify Stainless Steel Mesh Material

- Oct 17, 2017-

Today, there is no wind vane in the stainless steel mesh Market, the manufacturers are very diverse and there is no uniform brand price. The merchant pricing generally rely on the stainless steel mesh material, mesh size, weight and other factors pricing. Similarly, 80 mesh stainless steel mesh specifications, good per square meter between 35-45 yuan, the general 20-25 yuan, the difference is about 15 yuan. The price difference is so huge, this is because the stainless steel mesh material is different, generally have nickel, 2 nickel, 4 nickel, 304, 304L, 316, 316L and other materials. Stainless steel net nickel nickel content of different grades of 200 different series of 201 types of stainless steel is mixed with manganese and nickel content is low, the price is relatively low, relatively easy to rust; and the 300 series of 304 types of stainless steel in only two elements of chromium and nickel, nickel can be accounted for 8% of the proportion, the ensures the stability of stainless steel. Because nickel is a widely used industrial element, its price is high, so the content is different, causing the price difference. 

No nickel, 2 nickel stainless steel mesh, nickel content is low, easy to rust, 4 nickel, 304 stainless steel net encounter strong acid will rust. 

To identify stainless steel mesh material should be identified with liquid medicine, such as copper sulfate identification, the method is more convenient, the effect is more obvious. Put a drop of water on the stainless steel net, wipe with copper sulfate, if not change color, generally stainless steel; such as Bian Zi red, non-magnetic high manganese steel. 

Only two basic types of stainless steel can be basically distinguished by magnets. Because chromium stainless steel can be attracted by magnets in any condition; chromium nickel stainless steel is generally non-magnetic in annealing state, and after cold processing, some will have magnetism. However, the high manganese steel containing manganese is non-magnetic; the magnetic properties of chromium nickel nitrogen stainless steel are more complex: some are non-magnetic, some are magnetic, some are non magnetic and the transverse surface is magnetic. Therefore, although the basic difference between magnet chromium and chromium nickel stainless steel, but can not distinguish between some special properties, but not distinguish the concrete steel. The price can also be seen whether the stainless steel mesh is 304 material, generally in the purchase of stainless steel mesh is less than 25 yuan /KG, basically decided not 304 stainless steel mesh.