- Aug 06, 2018-

YO double ring with high quality materials, advanced technology developed new products, with smooth surface, bright color, good film elasticity, high mechanical strength, strong adhesion, wear resistance, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, material innoxious and harmless and inexpensive. It is the most ideal material for making high-end volumes, calendars, calendars, single reed and color paper clips. This product has the characteristics of dimensional standard and stable performance. It can be used for long time without changing color and pressing. It has good roundness, no glue breaking, less waste, fast delivery speed and reasonable price.

1, coil semi-automatic bookbinding machine can replace all kinds of molds.

2, the use of high quality electronic control original, stable performance, easy to operate.

3, a variety of safety devices to protect the operator safety, can extend the service life of the machine, reduce product loss.

4, coil semi-automatic bookbinding machine for notebook, book, book, desk calendar, calendars and other stationery products processing.

5, machine parts are processed by CNC computer numerical control bed, batch production and stable performance.

6. In the production process of labeled sequential products, the reverse function of the flip wheel ensures that the order of the processed products remains unchanged.


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