YO ring characteristics

- Aug 02, 2018-

YO double wire, nylon coating wire is made of galvanized iron wire coating process, and the outer paint is bright and extremely thin. The center steel is hard, long and not deformed. Both appearance and durability are better than the general double loop. And raw steel wire and coating powder are all environmentally-friendly materials. It is made of imported high-quality carbon, easy to press round and convenient to bind. It is suitable for binding books, desk calendars, calendars, loose-leaf notebooks, atlas, diaries, catalogues, food books and other printed products. The company produces high quality binding YO double loop wire, YO circle, single loop wire, suitable for notebook, book, advertisement book, table calendar and so on. YO double loop nylon coated wire production has the following characteristics:

1.YO ring characteristics: nylon coating, good surface gloss, strong adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance;

2. choose the first grade glue line to make it strong and bright, and ensure quality and environmental protection.

3. material: Materials non-toxic, harmless, in line with the European and American "environmental safety" latest standards, can provide the EU SGS certification;

4. pull: strong pull, not easy to change, stable quality, low loss.


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