- Jan 11, 2018-

YO double loop nylon coated wire features the coating process of galvanized galvanized wire, and the outer coating is very bright, very thin and well known. The center steel is hard, long and not deformed. Both the appearance and durability of general double coil joyson. And the raw material steel wire and coating powder are all environmental protection materials. It is made of imported high quality carbon, easy to press round and convenient for binding. It is suitable for printing books, table calendar, calendar, notebook, map book, diary book, product catalogue, food book and other printed products. The company produces high-quality binding with YO dual coil, YO loop wire, single loop wire, suitable for notebook, advertising books, books, calendars and other binding units, double YO nylon coated wire production line has the following characteristics:

1.YO ring characteristics: nylon coating, good surface gloss, strong adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance;

2. use the first grade rubber line manufacturing, strong and bright, quality and environmental protection;

3. material: non-toxic, harmless, in line with the European and American "environmental safety" the latest standard, can provide the EU SGS certification;

4. pulling force: strong pulling force, not easy to change, stable quality, low loss;

5. color selection, including a variety of fluorescent and flash pink, if special requirements can be customized to sample.

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