YO coil

- Mar 26, 2018-

The use of environmental YO coils

1. as the coils, the original use is of course used to record related events, and also as the operating books. Only because of his writing, he will not appear unevenness to influence writing.

2., because of its first use, is also widely used in companies and enterprises, so advertising also appears on environmental coils. Environmental coils are also used as advertising gifts.

The environmental protection coil is suitable for a large number of complimentary advertisements to increase advertising effect. So at the exhibition, many enterprises printed their own LOGO on their own coils, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising promotion and further improve the purpose of corporate image.

Second. And the inner core uses recycled paper, which is to purify and regenerate the waste paper, and to protect the eyesight. It makes the coils of environmental protection have high cost performance.

The environmental coil has been starting from the raw material to the environmental protection route, leading the concept of environmental protection to the company, the enterprise, and the hearts of the consumers.

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