YO binding tpye

- Jul 30, 2018-

Plastic ring binding

Binding types: plastic ring binding, hard plastic ring binding

Bound page number: 10-500P

Binding characteristics: convenient and quick, can be repeated dismantling and page addition, but its firmness is insufficient.

Scope of application: tenders, training materials, conference materials, documentation, product descriptions, graduation theses, etc.

Binding method: through the plastic ring on the plastic rod, through the binding hole on the left side of the document, then fold it into a book.

3. Ring binding

Binding type: iron ring binding, iron ring suit, different styles.

Bound page number: 4-250P

Binding features: exquisite durable, clear and smooth, easy to flip, you can see the entire page content.

Scope of application: bidding, VI manual, sample album, collection of works, commemorative books, documents, etc.

Binding method: the circular metal wire passes through the binding hole on the left edge of the document, then folds into a book.

4, clip  binding

Binding type: binding binding

Bound page number: 10-200P

Binding features: convenient and quick, very easy to add or subtract content.

Scope of application: documents, conference materials, product descriptions, etc.

Binding method: After punching the data with a binder, string it onto a plastic sheet connected by a special slender plastic rod and press it by hand.


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