wire ring binding

- Jul 02, 2018-

loop are bound to work in our daily life. However, folders for work, commemorative books for graduation, notebooks for reading, etc. And these binding rings can be divided into two rings and single loop. Today we will take a look at the application fields of single loop.

1, binding (side) binding, the general binding page number is 10-200 pages, mainly used for documents, conference information, product description and other binding. The characteristics of this binding are mainly convenient, quick and easy to add and subtract.

2, folders binding, generally used to bind tenders, training materials, meeting materials, documents, menu lists and so on, and to bind the number of pages between 1 and 550 pages. This binding method is convenient and fast. It is the most convenient way to bind the pages in all binding modes.

3, iron ring binding, mainly applicable to bidding, VI manual, sample album, collection of works, commemorative books, documents and so on, binding the number of pages about 4 to 250 pages, this kind of binding style is delicate and durable, clear and smooth, easy to flip, can see the content of the whole page.


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