- Sep 18, 2018-

 Double loop wire is a pre-set size and specifications of the two steel ring wire the common material is divided into two kinds of plastic sprayed steel loop wire and plastic ring. Round or square holes are usually punched on the left or upper side of the printed matter, and the entire binding process is completed after the YO loop wire is passed through and fixed by the YO loop binding machine.

When choosing the loop wire, we should pay attention to its quality, some coils because the surface of the plastic coating is not strong enough will cause cracks in binding. Too thin a coil will cause problems such as poor binding.

After the ring wire is locked, no more pages can be added unless the coil is removed. The double loop wire binding cost is higher than the single coil, of course, the binding effect is better and more durable. The use of double loop wire bound album, when reading to be able to spread out any page completely, very convenient to read and query. Books with a thickness of less than 30 mm, such as reference books, technical manuals, recipes (recipes), VIS manuals, and architectural drawings, are most suitable for this binding method.


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