What are the main uses of nylon coated wire ?

- Nov 07, 2017-

Nylon coated wire effect:we all know nylon is also known as polyamide, its surface is smooth, and the body is more tenacious, also has good wear resistance, self lubrication and low temperature type is also better.

Double loop nylon coated wire features galvanized wire coating process, the outer paint color bright, extremely thin and uniform. The center steel is hard and durable without deformation. Both the appearance and durability of general double coil joyson. And the raw material steel wire and coating powder are all environmental protection materials. It is made of imported high quality carbon, easy to press round and convenient to bind. It is suitable for bookbinding books, desk calendar, wall calendar, loose leaf notebook, map book, diary book, product catalogue, food book and other printed products.

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