Typesetting requirements for nylon coated wire

- Feb 19, 2018-

Before the printing bookbinding layout is very important, when binding the nylon coated wire to typesetting requirements are very strict, need to pay attention to the following describes a large version of the.

The first is whether the surface finishing. This point in the production practice is easily ignored, if required for a single full version of UV glazing for products or polished, it must be in accordance with the layout and not under the leaflets, folded hand way made version, otherwise after the finishing process will not be completed.

Whether there is a positive and negative part of the material used. The printed calendar, the table calendar, the white cardboard, the one-sided copperplate, the special paper and so on are both positive and negative, and can not be spelled by the way of folding hand. The thickness of the paper. If the folded hand is made up of a large version, it is necessary to pay attention to the page climbing problem after the folding of the paper and determine the number of pages per fold according to the thickness of the paper.

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