The situation of double loop wire products

- Dec 04, 2017-

The current situation of the development of the double loop wire products, according to incomplete statistics, the annual output of China's wire product development in recent years at a rate of about 10%, in 1999 the output of national wire products deep processing of about 6 million 800 thousand tons, to 2003, the national wire products deep processing total has more than 10 million tons, an increase of 47%, the average annual growth of 10.12%. Wire products enterprises to broaden the application field, the yield increased at the same time, pay more attention to strengthen management, the implementation of advanced standards, improve product quality; national standards with international standards, part of the main product standards by again revised, reached the international advanced level; most enterprises ISO9000 certification series replacement work and steel industry and the prestressed steel product production permit in the revision of the work to continue to promote, promote the industry, production equipment, improve the management level, product quality has been further improved.

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