The problem of nylon coated wire

- Feb 11, 2018-

Nylon coated wire is a kind of wire with high strength and toughness, which is used in many industries and fields. There is a very strict process in the production of nylon - coated wire and wire, but there are some common problems that need the attention of the manufacturer.

Why is the adhesive of nylon coated wire often stuck? The surface of nylon is not treated with oil, which leads to partial bonding and uneven brush; no glue (adhesive) is found.

Why are nylon coated wire bubbling? The first nylon surface treated with toluene, then the greenhouse drying for 5 minutes; available glue brushing method, soaking method, spraying glue coated nylon material, then 80 degrees bake for 10 minutes; the temperature is not too high to cure, little attention to mold temperature; two vulcanization should not exceed 250 degrees higher. Another is the problem of polymer structure of nylon. Under microscope, we can see that the structure of nylon is honeycomb like and easy to absorb water. When heat is vulcanized, water vapor is formed at high temperature, which leads to blistering.

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