The performance of double loop wire

- Jul 04, 2018-

Tensile strength. Under the prescribed test temperature, humidity and test speed, the tensile load is applied along the axial direction on the standard specimen until the sample is broken. The ratio of the maximum load P to the specimen's initial width B and the thickness of the thickness of the specimen before the sample is broken is the ratio of the product to the initial width of the specimen and the product of the thickness d.

In the same way, there is also compression strength. Plastic materials are usually resistant to tensile forces, while brittle materials are good at resisting pressure. The tensile modulus  is usually calculated by the ratio of stress and strain at the initial stage of tension.

Bending strength. Also known as flexural strength, the static bending moment is applied to the standard sample until the specimen is broken, and the maximum load is taken during the test. Impact strength. It is a strength index to measure the toughness of a material, which represents the ability of the material to resist the damage of the impact load, which is usually defined as the energy required by the unit area when the specimen is broken by the impact load.


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