The machine composition of double loop wire

- May 29, 2018-

The machine composition and workflow of automatic punching machine, many things have gone to the degree of automation now, how to understand the use of good automation tools for their own development is very important. Like an automatic punching machine, an automatic punch is made up of a working table, a computer, a rotating motor, a vibrating motor, a tool head, a pneumatic device, an automatic turntable, a fixed fixture and so on.

Work flow of automatic punching machine

1, according to the size of the processing, the number of processing holes, the size of processing holes, the location data of processing holes and so on, make fixed fixtures. Fasten the fixture and the automatic turntable.

2, set good processing data in the control computer.

3, fix the materials that need to be processed on the automatic turntable.

4, start the machine, the machine completes the drilling, drilling, milling hole, through hole, blind hole, porous, high and low hole processing program according to the computer instruction and processing data.

5. During processing, the machine will alarm immediately and notify the replacement tool when the tool head is not sharp.

6, in the process of processing, when the card material is missing, the machine will immediately report to the police and stop working and wait for processing.

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