The importance of fasteners in the industry

- Oct 17, 2017-

Fasteners are a class of mechanical parts that connect two or more fasteners with two parts to a whole. Fastener characteristics are different specifications, the performance of different uses, and standardization and universalization of high, so there are people who have a class has been the national standard of fastening pieces are called standard fasteners, or referred to as standard parts.

The development speed of fasteners that developed countries are surprised, and the ratio of China fastener products import and export price and price increases, the ratio of nearly two years was more than 8 times, the fastener industry in China is developing, so as to further improve the technical level, to replace imported products, is a development good prospects for the development of the technology is of importance.

China is the largest fastener producer in the world. In recent years, China's fastener industry is in a period of rapid development, manufacturing technology gradually improved, and the labor cost is relatively low, the world's fastener industry division of labor pattern is changing. With China's accession to the WTO, foreign manufacturers are stepping up to seize China's domestic market by dumping and other improper means, and the domestic fastener industry has been greatly impacted and challenged. After the financial crisis, China's domestic fastener industry has been seriously hampered. At present, China domestic fastener demand, but due to crowding out of domestic manufacturers and pressing, the domestic fastener enterprises can not achieve the expected reasonable profit level even long-term losses, thus unable to upgrade equipment and improve the production process. The domestic fastener enterprise itself development also has the restriction factor, the enterprise scale is small, the product added value is low, the risk resistance coefficient is low, the industry chain information communication is not prompt, and so on. The external factors and internal development bottleneck makes domestic fastener enterprises difficult, which makes the domestic fastener industry to accelerate the shuffle process, we will China sailing against the current, the fastener enterprises should develop, must seek the road of reform, actively seek a breakthrough.