The binding of double loop wire

- Feb 05, 2018-

The binding of double loop wire is inseparable from the existence of puncher. After punching holes, it is the binding of double circles. So what is the working process of puncher? Actually, it is divided into three main processes.

First, according to the size of the processing, the number of machining holes, the size of the machining hole, the data of the position of the machining hole, and so on, the fixed fixture is made. Fasten the fixture and the automatic turntable. Set good processing data in the control computer. The material that needs to be processed is fixed on the automatic turntable.

Two, start the machine. According to the computer instructions and processing data, the machine can finish punching, drilling, milling holes, through holes, blind holes, holes, high and low holes and other processing programs at once.

Three. In the process of processing, when the tool head is not sharp, the machine will also call the alarm immediately to notify the replacement tool. In the process of processing, meeting card material, lack of material, the machine will immediately alarm, and stop work, wait for processing.

After a hole is finished, the automatic drilling disc will rotate a certain angle according to the set program, and the next machining hole position is aligned to the machining head and restarted. After the whole turntable is finished, the process will be completed.

Automatic punching machine can complete the drilling process, greatly improves the work efficiency, can effectively reduce the cost.

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