Stainless steel net life and what factors

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. Use mesh belt in grinding environment:

In the grinding environment, the use of stainless steel wire mesh, will lead to severe wear, in order to ensure the service life of the mesh belt, the use must pay attention to:

1) when the mesh belt is exposed to the grinding material, it is necessary to choose the appropriate conveyor type;

2) reduce the chain speed as much as possible;

3) in order to reduce the pressure of the hinge of the pin and sleeve of the mesh belt, please choose the larger mesh belt.

2, should pay attention to the use of ultra high temperature in excess of 400 degrees:

1) the heat produced by friction in the belt at work.

2) the ordinary mesh belt has a thermal brittleness at high temperature, and the stainless steel mesh belt is also the same.

3) the impact of high temperature environment on lubrication, silicon, graphite and molybdenum disulfide lubricating oils have good thermal resistance.

3, when the mesh belt is exposed to corrosive materials, it will cause adverse consequences:

In this case, the mesh belt parts will become more and more thin, leading to accelerated wear, when the stainless steel mesh belt in acid or alkaline environment continues to work, parts will appear stress corrosion and force corrosion. When using mesh belt in corrosive environment, it is necessary to attach great importance to material selection of mesh belt parts.