select the YO ring wire

- Jun 27, 2018-

When selecting the loop wire, we need to pay attention to its quality. Some of the loop wire will crack due to the lack of solid plastic coating on the surface. Too thin a coil will cause problems such as poor binding.

After the ring is locked, no more pages can be added unless the coil is removed. The double ring binding cost is higher than the single coil, of course, the binding effect is better and more durable. Using double coils to bind a picture album, when reading, you can completely flatten any page, which is very convenient for reading and inquiring. Books that are less than 30mm within thickness, such as tool books, technical manuals, recipes, recipes, VIS manuals and architectural atlas, are most suitable for this binding method.

The thickness of binding is the thickness of the binding document, usually in millimeter (mm), but some products are measured by binding pages. The general binding machine can bind the thickness between 20mm to 50mm, or about 400 pages. Common applications can choose 20mm products. Products with special needs can be selected with greater thickness. This article is collected and collated from the large supermarket of office supplies.

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