Select automatic binding machine

- May 28, 2018-

  1. The specification of binding

    The binding specification refers to the maximum width of perforation and the area of perforation, that is, the maximum width and the area of a pinhole between the binding holes used in the binding process. Balance

Use this index as mm, and punch area as 3mm*8mm.

2. Thickness of binding

The thickness of binding is the thickness of the binding document, usually in millimeter (mm), but some products are kept constant by binding pages. General

Binding machine can bind the thickness between 20mm to 50mm, there are special requirements for 70mm, or 400 pages to 700 pages. Common applications can be selected

20mm products. Products with special needs can be selected with greater thickness. This article is collected and collated from the large supermarket of office supplies.

3, product stability

The stability of the product is mainly concerned with the quality and after-sale service of the product. It is a powerful guarantee for the service life of the machine and any malfunction in the process of using the machine.

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