printing binding wire

- Jul 19, 2018-

In fact, post press is very important for printing enterprises, and can even become a strong profit link. The use of advanced post press binding equipment has greatly improved the quality of printing products while saving human resources.

YO double loop is a mechanically made form nylon coated wire. The coated wire is made of high quality carbon and high polymer heat resistant nylon film. It plays the role of forming a complete book with the fabric, material and shell together. According to the thickness, size and paper, different models and different types are also selected. Color, different grades of YO double ring. Features: good steel surface light not burst, no color, long time, varied color (according to the customer's requirements), complete specifications, strong pull, not easy to change, not easy to oxidize rust, high temperature, quality stability, low loss. Application scope: notebook, books, periodicals, Products such as books, calendars, desk calendars, bookbinding books, picture albums, notebooks, photo albums, etc., are beautiful, high grade, easy to read and durable.



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