PA nylon coated wire

- May 30, 2018-

Nylon coated wire is widely used, especially in some light industrial enterprises. But nylon is not very perfect and there are some shortcomings, such as weatherproof PA nylon coated wire, there are many aspects of the performance can not meet the requirements of some applications, then how to change the performance of PA nylon coated wire .

For the modification of PA, some additives such as carbon black and other ultraviolet absorption can be added. These self lubrication can greatly enhance the wear of metal. In the process of molding, the wear machine can be reduced. According to the generalizations of the nylon coated wire manufacturers, the main changes are in the following aspects.

It can improve the wear resistance of nylon, so that it can adapt to the high wear resistance requirements. By increasing the electrostatic property of nylon, it can meet the requirements of mechanical application. The heat resistance of nylon can be improved to adapt to high temperature conditions such as automotive engines. Reduce the cost of nylon production, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of products.

PA nylon coated wire has smooth surface, bright color, good film elasticity, high mechanical strength, strong adhesion, wear resistance, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and harmless material. It is the first choice for light industrial enterprises.

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