PA coated wire

- Mar 13, 2018-

Nylon coated wire is a coating of nylon on the nylon wire to produce new properties. The nylon coated wire has a wide range of applications. But many enterprises in the production of nylon and adhesive material will not stick to the phenomenon, then how to change this situation.

Proceed from the angle of formula, can improve the compatibility of TPE and PA, so as to enhance the adhesion of the two; TPE can improve the injection molding temperature appropriate, the melting temperature of nylon PA TPE stick is high, so there must be enough to achieve TPE processing temperature, temperature conditions connected with TPE and nylon PA must be good stick.

In addition you can start from the product design, drilling in the position of no great importance nylon, rubber coated in the edge position is provided with a saw tooth groove, through the embedded injection or increase TPE package rubber and nylon PA contact surface, but also can enhance the bonding performance.

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