nylon wire

- Mar 07, 2018-

The good properties of nylon coated wire and nylon wire are widely used in some fields, such as cars, mechanical structures, transportation equipment and so on. As a special structural material, there are strict requirements for strength, heat resistance and cold resistance. Let's take a look at the general properties of nylon and nylon wire.

Cleanness and fouling resistance affect the fibers of these two properties. For fiber itself, strength and hardness are not so great for cleaning and antifouling. Melting point and elasticity, these two properties are not a difference in the time of making carpet, but some products attach great importance to these two characteristics. Color fastness, this is not a characteristic of nylon, but as a dye, it is a dye in nylon, not a nylon itself that fades under light. Wear resistance and dust resistance are mainly a characteristic of nylon fiber yarn.

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