nylon coated wire coating

- May 22, 2018-

Nylon coated wire is coated with a layer of rubber compound on nylon wire to produce new properties. Nylon coated wire is widely used at present. But when many enterprises are producing, nylon and rubber compound will not adhere tightly. How can this change?

From the formula point of view, the compatibility of TPE and PA can be improved to improve the adhesion of the two, and the injection temperature of TPE can be improved properly. The TPE of nylon PA has high plasticizing temperature. Therefore, sufficient TPE processing temperature must be required to achieve the necessary temperature conditions for the good bonding between TPE and nylon PA.

In the preheating treatment of nylon parts before two injection molding, in the process of TPE nylon processing, if PA nylon parts can be heated in the oven first, and then the heat is put into the glue mold, the TPE material is injected immediately, and the bonding performance of TPE and nylon can be improved.

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