loop forming machine

- Jun 20, 2018-

The characteristics of the binding of the loop forming machine:

1. the wire rack can prevent the wire from forming rings or rings, and can straighten the wires.

YO double coil nylon coating line is made of galvanized iron wire coating process, and the outer paint is bright and extremely thin. The center steel is hard, long and not deformed

2. it can be made of nylon coated wire or galvanized iron wire into sawtooth type and sent to second workstations by conveyor.

The 3. coil forming machine is equipped with a counter to make statistics on the whole production process.

4. in the case of the same pitch, some parts can be replaced, so that the inner diameter of the double ring can be conveniently changed.

5. double coil from 1/4 "to 1-1/4" can use the same reel reel. The production of double ring can match all the automatic binding machine on the market to improve the binding speed and save manpower.

6.  nylon coated wire two materials can be perfectly matched on this machine.

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