How to handle the burrs of fasteners

- Oct 17, 2017-

The burrs of fasteners refer to tiny metal particles on the surface of fasteners, which are called burrs. Tightening tightly appear burr, how to deal with it?

How is the burr fasteners, fasteners in cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chip processing during the formation of the. In order to improve the service performance and service life of fasteners, it is necessary to remove the burr of fasteners before using fasteners. Fasteners are commonly used parts and components in mechanical equipment, but also important parts, so the surface, sharp angle and edge need to achieve high metal cleanliness. The main ways to remove burrs are: traditional mechanical process, grinding, polishing, and other processes with different degrees of automation.

You can also remove the burr fasteners by chemical process, so the quality of fasteners can be better protected, all in the fastener immersed in a plurality of containers, one container containing CULLYGRAT solution immersion. Through the simple immersion treatment, all burrs can be removed, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and smooth, and the corners and corners are smooth, which brings the unprecedented high quality for the users. Chemical deburring with CULLYGRAT is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs.