hot melt bookbinding

- Aug 09, 2018-

The hot-melt bookbinding machine has the advantages of simple operation, fast speed, low cost and exquisite style.

The hot-melt binder belongs to the non dismantable type. It is suitable for medium and small printing center, small and medium office document binding, and accounting firm, audit office and other units.

When using a hot-melt binding machine, it is necessary to put the documents in a neatly set, otherwise the binding documents will be uneven. After the cover is heated, the hot glue should be arranged and fixed with the hand, so the binding text is neat and tangible. After cooling and solidification, it can turn over.

The hot melt envelope is a product used in the hot-melt bookbinding machine, which is made of resin material. The hot-melt binding machine does not require holes, nails or aprons, and the principle of adhesive bonding with resin hot melt adhesive. In dozens of seconds, the loose pages can be bound into strong and beautiful books.


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