hot glue for stickup of fabric

- Dec 29, 2017-

Hot glue for stickup of fabric

To stick to breed sewing can greatly reduce the labor intensity and the production of clothing, clothing, fine fit, strong. The hot melt adhesives used for fabric paste are mainly polyamide, cheese and polyurethane and so on.

Hot melt adhesive for processing of linings

The adhesive lining is made of uniform hot melt adhesive on the surface of the fabric. When used, the adhesive lining cloth is cut into the shape and size required, and the side of the adhesive coated with hot melt adhesive is hot pressed on the back of the other fabric material (fabric). It is lined in the lining of the garment as the skeleton of the garment.

To simplify the garment processing process and time, the clothing has the advantages of lightness, beautiful and comfortable, friendly, washable, durable and other aspects of the effect.

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