Explanation of hot melt sealant

- Dec 20, 2017-

The following is the explanation of the hot melt sealant. It is a kind of polyisobutylene rubber as the base material of one component, solvent free, no fog, no cure, Ju Youyong

A long plastic insulating glass first sealant. The hot-melt butyl sealant maintains its plasticity and seal in a wide temperature range, and the surface is not cracked and hard. It has good adhesion to glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials. Because of its extremely low water vapor penetration

Over rate, it can form an excellent anti wet gas system with elastic sealant. Features: good sealing effect, easy quality guarantee, no curing period and saving area. It belongs to environmental protection product, it is clean and clean without waste. It saves time, raw materials, staff,Reduce the cost of production.

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