EVA hot melt

- Dec 12, 2017-

EVA hot melts is a solid solvent, water containing 100% fusible polymer; it is solid at room temperature, heating to a certain temperature to melt flow, and viscous liquid. EVA hot melt adhesive after melting, which is light brown or white. EVA hot melt adhesive is based on the basic

The composition of resin, tackifier, viscosity regulator and antioxidant.

Viscosity regulator is also one of the main auxiliaries for hot melt adhesive. Its role is to increase the fluidity of colloid and regulate the solidification speed, so as to achieve the purpose of fast adhesion and firmness. Otherwise, the viscosity of hot melt adhesive is too large, unable or not easy to flow, and it is difficult to infiltrate into the book, so it can not be firmly bonded.

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