double YO wire

- Jul 09, 2018-

The double loop wire are two strand steel loops which are preset in size and specifications. The common materials are divided into two types: sprayed steel rings and plastic coils. Usually the circular or square holes are printed on the left or upper side of the printed material. After the YO double loop passes through the YO ring, the binding machine is pressed and fixed, and the binding procedure is completed.

YO double loop wire is the most ideal material for making high-end volumes, calendars, calendars, single reed and color paper clips. YO double loop wire has the characteristics of dimensional standard and stable performance. YO double loop wire can not change color for a long time, have good roundness when pressing ring, not break glue, and have little waste. YO double  loop wire is widely used for coil notebook, table calendar, photo album and other loose leaf binding stationery books.


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