double wire binding service

- Jul 11, 2018-

Double wire binding is a double wire ring that will be bent in advance, which is placed in a square hole or hole in advance on a loose page. The metal ring is pressed by a special equipment to complete the binding.

Our company has provided the post printing and binding equipment line supply service for the vast printing and packing enterprises. The company currently has the following mature and stable products: 2003 double coil forming machine, 2010 double coil forming and binding machine, JZ360 punch, 520, J350, 380 double coil binding machine, 420 single coil binding machine. No matter from procurement cost or after sale service of equipment, it provides great convenience for customers. In the current situation of increasing material costs and labor costs, the selection of our post printing and binding equipment will greatly reduce production costs and workers' costs, thus stabilizing and enhancing the market competitiveness of customers.


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