double ring

- Apr 10, 2018-

The existence of a double ring can not be separated from a puncher. After the hole puncher is punched, it is the binding of a double loop. Then what is the working process of the punch, in fact it is divided into three main processes:

First, according to the size of processing, the number of holes processed, the size of processing holes and the location data of processing holes are used to make fixed fixtures. Fasten the fixture and the automatic turntable. Set good processing data in the control computer. The material that needs to be processed is fixed on the automatic turntable.

Two, start the machine, the machine completes the drilling, drilling, milling hole, through hole, blind hole, porous, high and low hole processing program according to the computer instruction and processing data.

Three, during the processing, if the tool is not sharp, the machine will alarm immediately, notify the replacement tool. During processing, if the card material is missing, the machine will alarm immediately, and stop working and wait for processing.

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