double loop wire suitable scope

- Jan 05, 2018-

Suitable scope: industry bids, training materials, meeting materials, documents, graduation papers and so on. Binding method: the overall application of a imported transparent plastic envelope / fog surface, the text into the data envelope, after melting and cooling the hot binding machine, special glue in the spine will file adhesive fixed on the cover, through special line, easy to read flat file. The documents after the binding are bright and expensive.

Riding a horse. Applicable scope: data binding on the training materials, conference materials, documents, product descriptions, sample pictures, etc. the less ordered list menu, the file data from the middle of indentation, nail bound book.

Wireless glue. Binding characteristics: universal and exquisite, like the books we see everyday, no matter what it is, it will not be inappropriate. Scope of application: tenders, training materials, meeting materials, document materials, product description, graduation thesis, VI manual, sample album, works collection and so on. Binding method: through special adhesive, after punching bookbinding machine, the design of the beautiful cover with the text together, bound.

In fact, we can bind the double ring in our daily life, and it is very convenient to use the automatic binding machine.

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