double loop wire binding

- Jan 24, 2018-

Double loop wire binding is an important link to the production of print, many companies are using the binding machine to binding, but the types of binding machine and many different printing binding requirements are not the same, we take a look at the double loop wire binding is how to operate.

The adjustment of the margin of paper is the principle that the size of the margin is determined according to the diameter of the ring. The method is to adjust the scale by adjusting the screw to reach the margin. The rules are: the diameter of the ring is large, the margin of the paper is large, the diameter of the drawing circle is small, and the margin of the paper is small.

Drilling operation method: the paper is tidy, close to the positioning block, the paper is sent into the machine, the top is in place. Hold the paper with the left hand, hold the handle in the right hand, press down to the blade and penetrate the paper, and then lift the handle. Smooth hands will be taken out of the paper, such as the appearance of paper, repeat the handle press down, and then up to the position of the paper can be taken out.

Pull method: according to the amount of paper, binding ring pull ring with different sizes, the handle slowly pushed upward to pull open the ring, and then pull the paper hole into the circle, the handle slowly pulled back, let the pull ring gear is inserted into the hole after all the paper, will pull the handle in place, tighten the pull ring this binding, will be installed.

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