double binding ring

- Sep 13, 2018-

It can prevent wire from ring or ring and straighten nylon coated wire.

2. machine can make nylon coated wire into sawtooth type and send it to second workstations by conveyor.

3. the machine is equipped with a counter for statistics of the whole production process.

4. Replacing the die with the same pitch can change the diameter of the double loop wire conveniently.

5. Double loop wire from 1/4 to 1 can be used on the same winder. The double loop wire in the machine can be used on the automatic binder.

6. machine can produce nylon and galvanized wire.

Connecting machine two: automatic double wire binding machine (yo ring binding machine)

Features: 1. working speed up to 1000-1600 Ben / hr.

2. bind the double loop wire diameter 1/4 - 7/8, the pitch of the ring is 1:2,1:3

3. binding width of paper 70-520MM

4. automatic hooking device

5. suitable for loose leaf binding of books, notebooks, notebooks, calendars, desk calendars, etc.

6. picture in Chinese and English, and can edit the language of various countries, and automatic fault prompt function according to customer requirements.

7. automatically deliver books to enable workers to operate with ease and efficiency.


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