CHOOSE yo double loop wire

- Aug 29, 2018-

When choosing the binding wire we need to pay attention to its quality, some loop wire because the surface of the electroplated plastic layer is not strong enough will cause cracks in binding. Too thin a coil will cause problems such as poor binding. After the loop wire is locked, no more pages can be added unless the loop wire is removed. The double loop wire binding cost is higher than the single loop wire, of course, the binding effect is better and more durable. The use of double coil bound album, when reading to be able to spread out any page completely, very convenient to read and query. Books with a thickness of less than 30 mm, such as reference books, technical manuals, recipes (recipes), VIS manuals, and architectural drawings, are most suitable for this binding method.

The characteristics of Yo double loop wire are:

Firstly, the envelope is usually made of kraft paper, which is a kind of environmental protection material. Because of its high strength and durability, it has become the basic requirement of environmental protection theme. Secondly, the inner core uses recycled paper, which purifies the waste paper and regenerates it after beating, which is beneficial to protecting vision. The environmental protection loop wire is cost-effective.


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