books binding wire

- Aug 17, 2018-

Different books require different binding methods. The most practical thing is to bind double loop wire.

There are many ways to bind books, but they can be divided into five types: paperback binding, horse-riding binding, hardback binding, thread binding and special binding. Paperback is the most commonly used binding form, which is characterized by simple procedures, short publishing cycle, high efficiency, low cost. Generally, the book is less than 500 pages, and this binding is adopted when there is no special requirement.

Double loop wire is a widely used book binding form at present. The method is mainly used for binding books and books less than 100 pages. It has the advantages of simple technological process, fast publishing, low cost, high degree of bookstall, easy to read and so on. However, because of its low fastness, iron wire is easy to rust. It can only be used for binding and preserving magazines and other books with low value.


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