bookbinding machines

- Jul 12, 2018-

Nowadays, there are many automatic bookbinding machines. For example, we take the financial bookbinding machine, and adopt nylon tube hot pressing riveting binding method. The whole operation process can be divided into steps: punching, binding machine automatic pipe cutting, pipe piercing and pressing riveting.

The main advantages of the automatic binding machine are as follows:

1. environmental protection: A. uses the design of the internal waste paper, and the scraps produced by the perforation are directly discharged into the chip box through the hollow drill knife. The paper solves the damage of the paper dust produced in the traditional binding process and the dust to the human body.

B. consumables only use nylon tube, which itself is non-toxic, odorless and soft point high, so it is more environmentally friendly in the process of high temperature pressure.

2. save time and effort: the whole binding process is operated manually by the motor, saving time and effort.

3. binding firmly: nylon tube binding makes binding more beautiful, no single page falling off, binding documents can be guaranteed for more than 20 years.

4. safety: machine settings increase safety performance and install baffle and protective cover.


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