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- Jan 15, 2018-

Choose automatic bookbinding machine to pay attention to what to buy, need to pay attention to many places. You need to see from many professional perspectives what you need to buy. Don't wait to buy it before you regret it is already late. For example, many customers don't know from which aspects to judge the quality of a bookbinding machine when they choose to buy bookbinding machines. They can't start with binding machines with different brands. Here are some of the parameters that must be considered when buying a binding machine:

1. The specification of binding

Binding specification refers to the maximum punching width and punch area, that is, the maximum width and the area of a pinhole in the binding process of a binding process. Heng

The volume of this index is used as mm, and the hole area is expressed as such as 3mm*8mm.

2. Thickness of binding

Binding thickness is the binding machine can bind to the thickness of the files, general mm (mm) as a unit, but also some products to the number of binding constant. General

The binding machine can bind more than 20mm to 50mm, and also have special requirements for 70mm, or from page 400 to page 700. Common applications can be selected

20mm products. A product with a special need to choose a larger thickness. This article is collected and collated from the large supermarket of office supplies.

3, product stability

The stability of the product is mainly to inspect the quality and after-sales service of the product. It is a powerful guarantee for the service life of the machine and any failure of the machine in the process of use. The present city

There are many products in the field, but the price of the products of the same shape is far from the same. Do not choose products that are insecure because of the low price. The majority of friends must choose products that are qualified by the state and have good after-sale services.

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