book binding advantage

- Aug 20, 2018-

The biggest advantage of the equipment is: 1) we can bind the volume of the book with different sizes. 2) For the booklet can bind two volumes at one time 3) the quality of the coil is not high, conventional double coil can be used. 4) When binding 3:1 or 2:1 double loop wire with different coil diameters, only two small parts need to be replaced, which is very fast and convenient.

Sending parts manually, automatically receiving books.

Automatic section cutting, thread drawing and pressing forming of double coil feeding mode

It can be bookbinding double gauge size 1/4 "-7/8" (pitch 1:2, 1:3).

Maximum paper width (mm) 520

Maximum binding width (mm) 507

Minimum paper width (mm) 75

Working speed (times / hour) 1200-1800 copies

Worktable size (mm) 660 * 300

Power 220V/ single phase / 50Hz/ 60Hz/ 0.2kW

Air compressor (customer owned) kilowatt 1.5

Barometric pressure (BA) 6-8

Host size (width * depth * height) 1000 x 760 x 1230

Net weight (kg) 510

The size of the rack is 490 x 760 x 1230.

Net weight (kg) 65

Installation space (mm) 1800 x 760 x 1230


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