binding of double loop wire

- Aug 03, 2018-

There are many ways to bind double loop wire, but they can be divided into five types: paperback binding, horseback binding, hardback binding, thread binding and special binding. Paperback is the most commonly used form of binding, which is characterized by simple process, short publishing period, high efficiency and low cost. Generally, the book is less than 500 pages, and this binding is adopted when there is no special requirement.

The method of binding , binding is mainly used for antique bookbinding of classical books to keep the simple style of ancient books. Therefore, most of the bound books are manually bound, with low efficiency and high cost. Special type binding is a kind of binding method developed in recent years, which is used for automation of work, books, this book and so on. It has special binding requirements. At present, it mainly includes: wire binding, plastic clip binding, double coil binding, open and close ring binding, high viscosity plastic sticky bar binding and other types. This kind of binding method has a wide range of adaptability, binding, decoration and beauty, and has a high popularity for printed products with fewer volumes.


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