binding machine operation

- Jul 23, 2018-

Automatic binding machine operation preparation:

A, the nylon tube is inserted into the intake port before binding.

B, connect the power , turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on, and hot riveting can be done in about 6 minutes.

C, make the worktable move forward and back to meet the size requirements of the edge of the drill and binding. Press "drop", move the bit down, close to the paper, and release the key in time before the drill point contacts the paper. Check the position of the hole to be suitable. After the position is determined, the worktable is fixed with the lockpin of the worktable and the "reset" key is made. The bit is reset.

D, check the drilling hole carefully, avoid metal and other foreign matter, and bind the binding document to avoid damaging the drill bit.

Drilling operation: set up the binding document, click the "start" button on the left side of the operation panel, and the drill automatically completes punching and restores itself.

Binding operation:

A, remove the paper scraps in the drilling hole, so as not to damage the machine parts.

B, remove the nylon pipe from the discharge port and insert it into the hole.

C, mobile binding parts to the right of the worktable heating body, the electric operation panel on the right side of the "down" key, the nylon tube holes in the positioning needle, until the heating body pressure to nylon tube, press the "pressure riveting" key, about 5 seconds later, the heating body automatically reset, binding completion.


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