binding machine of double loop wire

- Jun 05, 2018-

The adjustment of paper margin is based on the size of the draw ring. The method is to use the adjusting screw (mounted behind the binding machine) to adjust the scale to achieve the goal of margin. The rule is: the diameter of the drawing ring is large, the margin of paper is enlarged, the diameter of the drawing ring is small, and the margin of paper is small.

2. The method of drilling operation:

First, arrange the paper neatly, close to the positioning block, and send the paper into the machine parallel to the top.

2. Press the paper on the left hand, hold the handle in the right hand, press down to the blade through the paper, and lift the handle.

(3) keep the paper out of your hands smoothly. If there is a hanging paper phenomenon, press the handle repeatedly, then you can take the paper up.

3, pull ring binding method:

According to the quantity of paper, select the pull ring of different sizes, push the handle slowly up to the pull ring, then insert the paper hole into the pull loop, then pull the handle slowly back, let the ring teeth all insert into the paper hole, pull the handle in place, tighten the ring opening, and load the binding book.


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