binding loop

- Feb 08, 2018-

Binding loop

Binding: binding, type of hoop hoop suits, different styles

Bound page number: 4-250P

Binding features: delicate and durable, clear and smooth, easy to flip, and see the whole page content

Scope of application: tenders, VI manuals, sample books, works collection, commemorative books, documents and so on

Binding method: binding hole ring wire through the left edge of the document, then fold the pressure.

Folder binding

Binding type: one inch, an inch and a half inches, three inches, two holes and three, we also can produce according to the customer demand folder.

Bound page number: 1-550P

Binding characteristics: convenient and quick, it is the most convenient kind of bookbinding in all the ways of binding.

Applicable scope: bidding documents, training materials, conference materials, documents, recipes list etc.

Binding method: to print out the design of the fine cover, inserted into the transparent cover set of folders within the text to the folder can be installed after drilling

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