binding double loop wire

- May 23, 2018-

Binding double ring is an important link in the production of printing products, many enterprises use a binding machine to bind, but a wide variety of binding machines and different printing requirements are different, we will look at how the binding double loop is how to operate.

The adjustment of paper margin is based on the size of the draw ring. The method is to use the adjusting screw to adjust the scale to achieve the goal of margin. The rule is: the diameter of the drawing ring is large, the margin of paper is enlarged, the diameter of the drawing ring is small, and the margin of paper is small.

Perforation operation method: tidy up the paper, close to the positioning block, and send the paper into the machine parallel to the top. The left hand presses the paper, the right hand holds the handle, presses down to the blade through the paper, and then raises the handle. Keep your hands out of the paper. If you hang up the paper, press the handle repeatedly, then you can take the paper up.


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